CRV shows daughtergroup of red and white Bruchter Passe on HHH show

Bruchter Passe dochter Retraitehoeve Paulina 1

Kylian son Bruchter Passe received during the last August proof for the first time a conformation index of 112, based on the first 14 classified daughters. In December, Passe gets a complete breeding value based on daughter information. In his genomic index, he has almost 1300 kg of milk with -0,40% fat and -0,09% protein.

Currently there are about 160 animals of Passe in production. Six of these will at the HHH-Show on 11th & 12th December, mainly red and white animals.

Bruchter Passe is a son out of the well-known Janna’s from the Hemmink family from Bruchterveld.

More in you will find on the website of CRV

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